Street Art on Aboom Wells Road, Cape Coast – Preserve our oceans and environment!

Residence on the Aboom Wells Road, Cape Coast woke up to a beautiful graffiti ably curated and designed by one of the Africa’s finest graffiti artist Tetebotan Kali.


The graffiti located in St Monica Girls School, Cape Coast sends a message. ‘Don’t trash our oceans and environment and keep it clean’. The graffiti design was a major attraction at this year’s annual Children Arts and Cultural festival under the theme: ‘Preserve our coasts and oceans’ organised by Menyiwadawodo Ghana.


The festival drew much needed attention on the threats of our marine system, its conservation, fishing, beach and aqua tourism and the coast ecology through the interest of sustainable development.


There were a series of educational workshops for the children between age 6 and 16 on water, plastic waste, permaculture and transfer it through painting, drawing, graffiti and cultural dance and drumming. The workshops were designed to create the needed awareness on the effects of our behaviour on the environment.


The days’ festival started with collecting plastics littered all over the compound. During the workshops the children learned how the plastic causes serious harm not only in the environment but also on their health. Learning about the water cycle and permaculture enabled the children to know more about the ecological system. Plastic is definitely not part of it.


Before the last kid left, we had generated another ocean of plastics abandoned on the compound.


I hope the graffiti on the Aboom Wells Road would not only beautify the street but also serve as a sustainable reminder on the importance to take care of our oceans and environment.


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