Living in Kiel – The Sailing City of the World!

I remember in 2016 on my first visit to Kiel, Germany. My partner sarcastically said welcome to my village. Yes, as compared to Hamburg or Berlin, it could easily pass for a small town not a village.


Kiel is about 60 minutes by bus or train from Hamburg airport. I always have a problem explaining where Kiel is when people ask me back home in Africa as they never heard it before.


With a population of about 249,023, Kiel is a beautiful city with a huge student population (Universities, colleges and clinics) and friendliest people. There are bicycle lanes almost everywhere which makes the entire city accessible by bicycle.


Being an immigrant, there are all these stories about racial abuse you hear but I’m yet to be confronted with such. This is not to say they do not exist here in Germany. Kiel is on record to be one the cities that welcomed and accommodated more migrants during the Syria crisis between 2013 – 2016.


Kiel served as a major harbour for the Germans in the 1940 was completely wiped out during the 1st and 2nd world wars but a few buildings survived still has a few architectural relics from the past. Year in and out new buildings and infrastructures are being added on. Kiel’s port is a hub for many Scandinavian ferries and cruise liners and is also frequented by nearly every Navy ships from around the world.




Kiel’s main attraction is the ‘Kieler Woche’. This is one of the largest sailing events. It starts at the beginning of the third week in June and is a beautiful experience for the whole family. In the month of October are also a line up of Intercultural festivals lined up for most immigrant communities living in the city.




On either the east or west side of Kiel there are loads of nice beaches. In summer these beaches are ideal for swimming and many water sports. These include the beach at Laboe, the Strande and the Schilksee.




Aquarium GEOMAR
Düsternbrooker Weg 20
24105 Kiel


City and Maritime Museum – Warleberger Hof (Stadtmuseum Warleberger Hof)


Dänische Straße 19
24103 Kiel


Kiel Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Arts (Stadtgalerie Kiel)
Andreas-Gayk-Straße 31
24103 Kiel


City and Maritime Museum (Schifffahrtsmuseum Fischhalle)
Wall 65
24103 Kiel


Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthalle zu Kiel)
Düsternbrooker Weg 1
24105 Kiel


MEDIENDOM at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel (Mediendom der Fachhochschule Kiel)
Sokratesplatz 6


Zoological Museum
der Universität Kiel
Hegewischstraße 3
24105 Kiel


Flanders bunker (Flandernbunker)
Verein Mahnmal Kilian e.V.
Hindenburgufer / Eingang Tirpitzhafen
24105 Kiel


Industry Museum Howaldt's Metal Foundry (Industriemuseum Howaldtsche Metallgießerei)
Grenzstr. 1
24149 Kiel


Wik machine museum (Maschinenmuseum Kiel-Wik)


Am Kiel-Kanal 44
24106 Kiel


Museum of Geology and Mineralogy at Kiel University 
Ludewig-Meyn-Straße 12
24098 Kiel


Computermuseum at Kiel University of Applied Sciences
Sokratesplatz 6
24149 Kiel


Museum of Medical & Pharmaceutical History (Medizin- & Phamaziehistorische Sammlung)
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel
Brunswiker Straße 2
24105 Kiel


Botanical Garden of Kiel University (Botanischer Garten)


Am Botanischen Garten 1-9
24098 Kiel










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