Discovering Adzokoe Peki Mountains: Untapped tourism potential in the South Dayi District, Volta Region of Ghana

If the Central, Western, Ashanti and the Northern Regions owned the Ghanaian tourist destinations, Volta Region takes over 2018. Slowly, methodically, the regions most overlooked wonderland would arguably become most desirable destination for adventure tourists.


As part of activities to celebrate this year’s Peki Yam Festival, the people of Peki Traditional Area in the South Dayi District undertook a hiking adventure on the Adzokoe Peki Mountains.


The 1,510 ft mountain which is part of the Akwapim - Togo Ranges is one of the many sites offers spectacular view of Peki communities and beyond from its summit. The mountain is accessed through a dense forest, plantations of palm trees and farms.


The about one-hour hike to the summit of the mountain takes patrons through two levels of waterfalls along the way. Intriguing traditional sites where ruins of buildings and fortifications used as defences against warring tribes can also be seen at the wide levelled summit.


Coincidentally, the hike to the mountain was in the week on the celebration of UN World Tourism Day which is celebrated every September 27 to raise awareness on tourism’s actual potential and contribution to sustainable development.


Mt. Adzokoe Peki just like other slave caves and tunnel at Dzake Peki, which served as a resting place when Peki was the ancient 300-kilometre slave route linking the north and east Volta Region to the coast from Vakpo to Wusuta with its tourism potential still remains undeveloped.


The South Dayi District Assembly should collaborate with communities to effectively plan to develop and market these sites to attract visitors which would lead to the integration of tourism in the local economy.  


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