Coming from the green valley of Adzokoe Peki in the South Dayi district of the Volta Region, Ghana I have always dreamed about how we could make the world a better place for all. Where people could afford basic necessities like health, education, sports etc. I volunteered and Co-Founded Organisations working in deprived communities in Ghana, Uganda and Germany. The problems are so many and there seems to be no lasting solutions. Making a decision to relocate abroad, Kiel, Germany two years ago was a life changing experience for me. I was exposed to the sharp realisation of how we see the world when it came to people’s development and growth. Yes, systems ensuring basic needs such as social justice are present and fully enforced to the latter. Meanwhile, back home in Africa the system is reversed. Absence of social systems and where there is some semblance of it, they are extremely corruptible and weak. My mission is to create possibilities, opportunities in the midst of the confusion in Africa to make life more meaningful through education, organisation and empowerment.


When am not working as a Global Learning Instructor or on mini jobs in Germany, I travel around working with local community organisations or organising workshops on Sustainable Development Goals for youth in Africa.